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Welcome to the National Directory of Drugs and Alcohol Services, a directory of all drug and alcohol services and specialist drug and alcohol treatment programmes in Ireland. These services provide information, support, education and training, awareness and prevention programmes, counselling/psychotherapy, specialist treatment programmes and needle exchanges. 

This directory contains useful and up to date information on each service. It is aimed at:

  • the general public, who may want to find suitable services and supports for themselves, a friend or family member.
  • professionals working in the drug and alcohol, social or health care sectors that may need to find the right services for their clients and refer them to them to these services.


This directory is overseen by the National Social Inclusion Office, which is located in the Primary Care Division of the HSE. Primary care includes a range of services designed to support people to care for themselves and their families, improve wellness, prevent illness and support those with long-term problems. It is hoped that this directory will guide people to the most appropriate services based on their needs, that is, to primary care services at first and to specialist services when necessary.

Rehabilitation is understood as a process that supports and encourages drug users at each stage of their drug use, encompassing interventions aimed at stopping, stabilising and/or reducing the harm associated with a person’s drug use as well as addressing a person’s broader health and social needs. See the Report of the Working Group on Drugs Rehabilitation 2007 for full definition.