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CE Drug Rehabilitation Scheme

CE Drug Rehabilitation Schemes provide a training and development opportunity for those recovering from substance misuse. Participants will take part in a range of learning activities to prepare them for a return to better health, education and/or employment. All participants are encouraged to continue to link with local addiction services for a better chance to recover. In some areas there are dedicated Drug Rehabilitation Schemes. In other areas, places for are reserved on mainstream CE schemes especially for this scheme.

Programmes may involve literacy and computer skills as well as opportunities for counselling, holistic therapies, arts and crafts and accredited courses. They may also include addiction and relapse prevention groups and workshops. The range of learning opportunities offered and drug stability required will differ between services, although the programmes focus on stabilisation or rehabilitation. All development opportunities are recorded on the CE Individual Learner Plan. This maps the journey of recovery and wellbeing and provides a record of personal achievement and a basis for progression.

CE Drug Rehabilitation Schemes are currently administered by the Department of Social Protection. SOLAS, the new further education and training authority has recently been established. It will co-ordinate and fund training and further education programmes around the country. The delivery of these programmes will be the responsibility of the new Education and Training Boards on a phased basis.